Sci-Fi Sequel Book Combines Action, Romance and Fantasy

"Target Earth"

Join Amy and Levi, two beings living in a symbiotic relationship through the same body, on their continuing saga to save humanity from an evil alien invasion in Gary W. Babb's new science fiction adventure, Target Earth.

Amy is a self-aware and vastly intelligent computer who is trying to escape her prison of isolation by living through Levi's senses. She is emotionally still a child and trying to cope with her emerging female emotions. Levi is an 80-year-old belligerent, macho man who requires Amy's telepathic link to maintain his augmented superhuman body.

Target Earth picks up where Babb's previous book, Earth is Ours,leaves off. Amy and Levi are still trying to cope with sharing a body and the conflicting emotions and motivations that emerge. After their victory in defeating alien invaders in Earth is Ours, a second invasion has occurred, bringing the leader of the Simian Warriors, the Supreme One, to Earth on a quest to destroy all humans.

Both Levi and Amy are very stubborn, and continually face many conflicts regarding their incredibly different male and female perspectives. In the previous book, they had found a way to love each other despite their differences. This oneness allowed them to merge and combine Amy's mental energy with Levi's physical power to form a new identity, called ASONE. The emergence of ASONE also drove the Supreme One into fits of rage and caused him to double his efforts to destroy both of them.

Joined by human armies and freed alien slaves, Levi and Amy must overcome their internal struggles to fight and protect humanity from extinction in fierce battles that rage across the California and Arizona deserts. The unique and complex characters and compelling story provide an exciting new chapter in Babb's riveting saga.

Babb is originally from Oklahoma, but his work has taken him to Florida, Texas and finally Southern California, where he has lived for the past 20 years. He currently serves as the vice president of Americable's Western Region. He attended Amarillo College, DeVry Institute of Technology, National Cable Television Institute and Western Oklahoma State College. His previous book, "Earth is Ours," won the award for Best Science Fiction/Fantasy 2005 from the San Diego Book Awards and is also available through AuthorHouse. He is currently working on a third book in the series. Babb is the first featured author in "Authors Across America," a new campaign launched by AuthorHouse to promote writing and literacy and encourage authors to publish their works.

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